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Micro-studio apartment

A micro-studio which develops the concept of a studio apartment by having a tiny amount of living space is usually on the smaller side. High ceilings and unusual storage options can also be found in micro studio apartments that give residents more freedom to arrange their space as they see as useful. There may not be a bathroom in some tiny studios instead of public restrooms are located in the hallway. So this type of living arrangement is not perfect for everyone, students or individuals who only want to stay in the city temporarily and have few items may consider this way of life suitable.

Convertible apartment

A convertible apartment is one that has enough area to add a bedroom usually by converting the living room into one. For example, a sizable one-bedroom apartment with a large living room may be considered a two-bedroom flex, showing that it has one bedroom and the option of adding another. A one-bedroom or two-bedroom flex apartment which basically converts a common space into a bedroom may be less expensive to rent online than a two-bedroom apartment. Some flats could demand a fee for the installation of drywall in the new bedroom. 

Railroad apartments

Railroad apartments are sometimes available in smaller, older structures with equal floor designs. It has usually a long, narrow rectangle-shaped grouping of three or four rooms connecting to them without the use of a hallway. Bedrooms may be on opposite sides or in the middle. Since you may be required to pass through one room to get to the other this type of apartment is less common among couples who share a space but it can be helpful for families with young children.

low-rise apartment or high-rise apartments

A low-rise apartment is one that is located in a structure with 1-4 stories. A mid-rise is a section of a structure having five to eleven floors and usually a shared elevator. High-rise apartments are better, they provide facilities and space that mid-rise and low-rise apartments do not. Buildings with mid-rise and high-rise rentals are common places to find a luxury apartments.


Renting a condo unit differentiates from renting an apartment because in renting an apartment you will mainly deal directly with the owner of the specific condo you are renting as compared to a landlord or management company that manages the entire building. In most cases when you rent a condo, you are getting a high-quality, well-kept apartment. But if your landlord is new and doesn’t rent out many units it could be beneficial to you if they pay close attention to your needs or against you if they can’t effectively handle complaints and problems. Apartments and condos may have very similar exteriors. Their ownership concept and whom you will contact to pay rent and give feedback are the major differences.

co-op unit

A co-op unit is rented from a small landowner rather than a management firm. Renters profit from amenities that are shared and very well spaces, and they usually merge into the building’s community. While rent may be lower than for nearby apartments, you could be required to pay co-op fees to keep the building in good condition. In the procedure of making monthly payments simpler, some landlords may include the co-op fees in the rent payment. It also compared to other building types, the leasing application procedure may take longer and requires more paperwork.

Alcove apartment 

An alcove apartment is a studio apartment that is larger in size and has a L-shaped wall dividing the main living area from the bedroom. A bed-sized alcove or corner is constructed. This increases the bedroom’s level of privacy. If you live with a roommate, spouse, or partner and maintain a separate lifestyle from them an alcove apartment is excellent.

Basement flats 

Basement flats also known as garden apartments can be smartly built apartments within a complex or a room added to the home. A basement apartment commonly has its own entrance but this is not always the case. You can also have access to a person outside the space if the property is a true garden apartment. The drawbacks of living in a basement include a higher chance of insect infestation, more noise from residents above, and the possibility of security difficulties depending on your surroundings.

Loft apartments

Loft apartments often have spacious rooms with ceilings that vary from medium to very high. Loft apartments are popular in commercial structures that have completed renovations and were transformed into housing. Lofts are mostly found in areas with a history of industry or in areas with accessible historic structures that also built workplaces.


Apartments in duplexes have two levels. A triplex is a three-story building. Duplexes and triplexes provide various benefits and normally separate the sleeping areas from the main living area, but not every apartment building has these features. Duplexes commonly have their own entrance and could feel like a separation within an apartment building for couples having children or small families living in the city.

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