Prestige Park Ridge

Renting allows you the flexibility to move whenever your lease expires. If your landlord decides to break the lease you can be required to move at short notice. While buyers must not pay more than their mortgage plan renters know exactly how much they will spend each month. Renters never have to worry about replacing the roof and their bills are fixed. Before renting a house consider the following points:

Homeownership has both tangible and intangible advantages. You have a sense of security and ownership in having your personal home and having the option to decide on the design and style of the property. You may not be able to sell whenever you want. But when you do you could not be able to afford it, especially if the property market is low. There are factors that cost involved with selling your house. Even if your monthly rent is less than the rent, owning a property usually has higher overall costs than renting. The following are some advantages of homeownership:

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Prestige Park Ridge - Pre Launch

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